Traveling in an RV can be a fun experience for the whole family. However, young kids entertained during long drives and extended stays can be a real challenge for parents. Fortunately, there are many creative ideas you can implement to keep your kids engaged during your next road trip. Here are eight creative ideas to keep everyone entertained when RVing with kids.

1. Interactive Games are Great When RVing With Kids

Many board games are available in travel versions, making them ideal for RV trips. Come companies manufacture magnetic game boards to hold pieces in place. You can also involve the family in interactive games such as Charades, 20 Questions, or I Spy. You might also play road trip games. These pastimes help keep your kids entertained.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids excited about exploring their surroundings. Hide items around the campsite or RV and create a list of clues for your kids to find. Alternatively, you might hunt for things while you’re on the road. Find license plates from each state, search for roadside attractions, or look out for certain types of vehicles.

3. Host a Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is a laid-back way to relax and unwind after a long day of travel. Set up a projector outside or use the TV and DVD player for an indoor movie night. Bring popcorn, snacks, drinks, blankets, and pillows to make everyone comfortable.

4. Nature Walks are Great for RVing with Kids

Going on nature walks is a fun way to explore and learn about the local area. Walk around the campsite and identify different plants, insects, and animals. Look online to discover places to hike in the area, or ask at a visitor center. Let your children help select the trails. You might find wildflowers, birds, and waterfalls when exploring nature.

5. Arts and Crafts Projects

Art and craft activities boost creativity and keep your children entertained. Pack boxes with colored pencils, markers, paints, paper, and other materials to create art. Some stores sell preassembled craft kits with everything you need for a project.

6. Music and Dancing

Make a playlist with your family of their favorite songs and turn up the music for a family dance party or karaoke competition.

7. Take Pictures While RVing with Kids to Capture the Vacation

Encourage your kids to capture their RV trip memories with a camera. Give them disposable cameras or help them take pictures on your phone or camera. Work together to create a scrapbook of the trip after returning home.

8. RVing with Pets

Bring your pets along and spend time with them. Pets are familiar and calming and can also be great companions for your children. Use travel time to teach your dog or cat a new trick. Play fetch at the campground and bring your dog on hikes and other pet-friendly outings.

Planning creative activities will keep your kids entertained and engaged during your trip. You can incorporate many activities and games into your family RV trip to ensure the kids are engaged and happy throughout the journey.

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