Owning an RV means enjoying the open road, and one essential component that keeps you shaded and comfortable is the awning. Proper care will significantly extend the canopy’s life and enhance your outdoor experience. Here are a few helpful tips to maintain your RV’s awning.

How to Maintain Your RV’s Awning

1. Regular Cleaning

Like any part of your RV, the awning benefits from regular cleaning. Before stowing it away, brush off debris and wash the material with mild soap and water. Cleaning the awning removes dirt that leads to stains and washes away debris that might cause damage.

2. Mind the Weather

The awning shields you from the elements, but it requires care. Don’t open it during strong winds or heavy rain; these conditions can stress the structure. If the wind suddenly picks up, retract the awning promptly to prevent damage.

3. Lubricate Moving Parts to Maintain Your RV’s Awning

Awnings have moving parts; like any mechanism, they benefit from proper lubrication. Regularly apply silicone-based lubricant to pivot points and arm joints. Maintenance will allow for smooth operation and reduce wear and tear caused by friction.

4. UV Protection

Sun exposure affects the fabric and color of your awning. Invest in a quality UV protectant spray and apply it to the fabric. This step helps prevent fading and extends the life of your awning material.

5. Maintain Your RV’s Awning: Regular Inspection

Routinely inspect the awning for signs of wear and tear or damage. Check the fabric for fraying or punctures, and examine the arms and joints for stability. Catching issues early and remedying the problems can save you from more extensive and costly repairs.

6. Retracting the Canopy

When retracting your awning, do so evenly and without fabric bunching or misalignment. If you notice issues, stop and investigate before proceeding. Proper retraction keeps the materials and supports in good condition, allowing for a smoother deployment next time.

7. Storage of Your RV’s Awning

During extended periods of non-use, retract and secure the RV awning to protect it from the elements and damage caused by weather or curious wildlife. If you are parking the vehicle for an extended time, use an RV cover for an extra layer of protection.

Incorporating these care tips into your maintenance routine will preserve the awning and enhance your overall RV experience. A well-maintained canopy is useful for comfortable outdoor living and relaxation on the road.

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