Whether you’ve chosen to live full-time in your RV or simply enjoy taking it out on a yearly vacation, being ready for the various types of weather you’ll encounter is essential. Being well-prepared doesn’t mean sacrificing fun. These tips will help make your vacation enjoyable even when RVing in rainy weather.

1. Plan Ahead When RVing in Rainy Weather

Before heading out, check the weather forecast. Pack appropriate clothing, accessories, and tools if rain is in the forecast. Bring rain jackets, waterproof footwear, and extra tarps. Install a tray near the door to contain wet shoes and boots. Keep an eye on the radar so you know what to expect with the weather. 

2. Pack Towels

If you expect rain, pack extra towels. You’ll need them to keep the interior of your RV dry. Use old towels to wipe mud from your shoes, dry the camping equipment, and wipe up water from the floor. 

If you’re RVing with pets, you’ll appreciate having a few extra towels on hand to dry their fur and paws after coming back indoors. 

3. Avoid Cotton Clothing

When selecting your wardrobe for your trip, be aware of fabric content. Cotton quickly absorbs moisture, becoming heavy when wet, and does little to keep you warm in bad weather. Pack a lightweight waterproof windbreaker if traveling in warm weather or a sturdy raincoat for cooler months.

Wool is an excellent option for clothing, as it is easy to layer and will help you maintain a comfortable temperature even when wet. If you’re traveling in an area with a cooler climate, purchase wool clothing for your family. 

4. Don’t Let Rainy Weather Ruin Your RVing Trip

You may encounter rainy weather, but don’t let this discourage you from enjoying your vacation. Hang a large tarp with strong cord to build an outdoor game room. Furnish the area with camping chairs and a warm fleece or wool blankets. Bring board games and snacks, and make hot cocoa or coffee to keep everyone entertained and in good spirits.

No matter the weather conditions, you can have an enjoyable experience by maintaining a positive outlook. Being well-prepared for bad weather only takes a bit of planning. And rain doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the RV. Keep an open mind and look for creative ways to enjoy the trip.

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