The Costs of RVing Full-Time

Many people dream of traveling the country full-time and living out of an RV. Some have figured out how to successfully live this lifestyle economically. Costs will vary depending on the type of rig you have, which part of the country you are in, and other factors. This article goes over some of the various costs of RVing that you’ll encounter.

The Cost of the RV Itself

Renting an RV is far more expensive than buying one if you plan to use it the majority of the year. If you already have a vehicle that can tow a camper, purchase a towable rig instead of a motorhome to keep costs down.

Another option that has become more popular in recent years is retrofitting a van. This is a much more affordable option than buying an oversized motorhome, but you’ll be living in a smaller space.

Fuel for the RV

One of the most essential costs of RVing is fuel. How much you’ll spend depends on the current cost of fuel, which often fluctuates, and what type of fuel your engine needs.

Your traveling distance will also determine how much you’re spending on fuel. If you are posted up at one site for several weeks, your fuel costs will be minimal. If you travel from one national park to another every day, you’ll be spending a lot more of fuel costs.

Camping Costs of RVing

Just like paying rent or a mortgage, you’ll need to pay for the site where you park your RV. RV parks come with amenities like WiFi, bathrooms, power hookups, and water. Some have laundry facilities that come in handy when you are on the road for a while and don’t want to spend time at a laundromat.

If you are staying at one place long-term, you may be able to get a discounted weekly or monthly rates instead of paying by the night. Certain RV parks, like at popular national parks, will have higher rates than less sought-after areas. You may also have to make reservations well in advance to get a spot.

Supplies You’ll Need

You’ll have other expenses on the road besides fuel and lodging. Of course, you’ll need to eat, which is more affordable if you prepare your own food in your RV kitchen or on a grill. You may go through a lot of firewood having campfires every night, which also adds up.

You’ll still have some of the same bills you had when you were living in a house, like your cell phone bill, health insurance, vehicle insurance, and more. Keep all of these additional expenses in mind when budgeting out your new RV lifestyle.

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