If you’ve been thinking about selling your house and buying an RV, test the lifestyle before you commit. Read online about RVing and talk to friends and family members who have done it. Before you invest, rent an RV and plan a road trip. Try it out and see how you like life on the road. Here are some tips for testing the RVing lifestyle.

Test the RVing Lifestyle by Renting a Rig

Check your local RV dealership or look online for RV rentals. If you’re unsure what type of rig you are interested in purchasing, you might plan a few trips in different models.  This will help you get a feel for driving an RV and you’ll develop an idea of which features you need and those you can live without. An RV vacation is a great way to test it out and determine if you can live comfortably on the road.

Plan Your Budget for on the Road

Before committing to a major purchase, make a list of RVing expenses and create a budget. You will need to plan for the RV payment and insurance. Include things like gas, food, RV maintenance, and entertainment while you’re on the road. Campground costs vary depending on amenities, so make a list of camping necessities. Do you need laundry facilities, WiFi, a swimming pool? Campgrounds with better amenities will cost more.

Income for Your RVing Lifestyle

Will you need to work while RVing? If you can work remotely, planning for an internet connection is important. Some full-time RVers work as campground assistants for a season or get a job with a National Park. There are also opportunities to work on the road. While you’re making your budget, factor in how you’ll earn money if you need to maintain a regular income.

Will You RV Full-Time?

Deciding to RV full-time is another consideration. You might choose to sell your home and hit the road. You will no longer have to deal with property maintenance, but you’ll need to be prepared for RV upkeep. Alternatively, you might downsize to a smaller home and RV part-time or keep your current property and buy a small RV. This way you can still take a few road trips each year but aren’t committed to living in an RV year-round.

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