Because of the longer days and warmer weather, summer is the perfect time to go RVing with the family. Below, you will find a few helpful tips for summer RVing to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Plan Your Route

Being spontaneous is fun, but when it comes to RVing in the summer, it is best to make a plan ahead of time. Because of their larger size, RVs are more difficult to maneuver in congested areas and on certain roads. Height restrictions may also be a problem in some regions.

Carefully plan the route to your final destination, and make a backup plan in case of road construction or detours along the way. If you’re not towing a vehicle or renting a car at your destination, it’s essential to pack well so you’ll have the things you need, and you won’t have to leave the campsite multiple times for supplies.

Packing for Summer RVing

Most of the items you pack will depend on your destination. However, it’s a good idea to keep things to a minimum. Don’t overload the RV. If you bring too much, you limit the room in the vehicle and may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Cook Meals Outdoors to Stay Cool

Due to the tight space in an RV, cooking inside causes the interior to heat up quickly. A hot RV is miserable when trying to cool off from your day’s adventures.
On especially hot days, plan meals to cook outside on the grill. From hamburgers and hotdogs to vegetables and pizza, there are numerous foods you can cook outdoors. Alternatively, prepare cold meals that don’t require a stove or grill, such as salads and sandwiches.

Get Outside When RVing in Summer

RVing in the summer often means traveling to destinations with outdoor activities. Since the weather is nice, make time to go swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking, and fishing. Head to a local art museum or aquarium when you need to cool off.

To be well-prepared for your trip, research the area ahead of time and list things you and your family will enjoy doing together. Doing this in advance means you won’t waste time on vacation trying to decide what you’ll do in the area. If you’re traveling with children, get them involved in planning the trip. Find fun things to explore along the way and work together to choose activities the entire family will enjoy.

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