Organizing When Storage Space is Small

When traveling or living in an RV, you don’t have the luxury of abundant storage space. You have to prioritize the most important items and be creative about where to store them. These RV storage hacks will help you maximize your available space so that you can pack more items for your trip.

Put a Desk Organizer in Every Drawer

Drawers are great places to store small items, but they can become disorganized when the contents move around, making it difficult to find items that you stored there. Put a desk organizer in every drawer for orderly storage that will keep every item in the drawer in place. For larger drawers, secure an organizer using adhesive strips or velcro to keep it from moving while the RV is in motion.

RV Storage Hacks Include Using Walls for Storage

With a combination of magnets, pegboard, and velcro, there are numerous things you can store on walls. Install pegboard in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for storing tools, toiletries, and accessories.

It’s common to see magnet strips used to hold knives in home kitchens, but they can be used for much more than that. Secure magnets to cutting boards, pens, maps, and more. These items can now be stored on the magnet strip instead of on a counter or in drawers.

Keep smaller easy-to-lose items in place using velcro. This is handy for things like TV remotes. Secure your remotes near the TV so you always know where to find them.

Place Closet Organizers Inside of Shelves

Use closet organizers to divide space inside shelves and keep items separate from one another. Turn the organizer sideways so that it fits within the shelf and use it to store multiple kinds of things on one shelf. This will help maximize space while keeping everything organized.

Shower Caddies Make for Excellent RV Storage Hacks

A shower caddy is great for keeping soaps and shampoo in the bathroom, but they can also be used in lots of other areas. Hang caddies on doors to keep items that you need to access often. Put smaller caddies on the inside of the kitchen cabinet doors to store spices and other small containers.

RV Storage Hacks Include Installing Rods for Hanging Items

Install rods in a variety of places like on the walls above countertops and on the underside of cabinets. Use these rods to hang often-used kitchen tools. The more things that you store from hooks, the more room you’ll free up inside of drawers.

Double Up on Bedside Caddies

A bedside caddy helps to expand space when your options are limited. Adding a second caddy will double the space and increase your storage options. Use the second caddy to store lens cases, a water bottle, or medication. It can also serve as a small bookshelf for your important books.

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